The curriculum followed atSpring Buds International School is ofthe Central Board of Secondary Education (abbreviated as CBSE) under the Union Government of India.

The curriculum is designed to ensure the all-round development of each learner. A child-centric approach is utilized that promotes structured play, practical applications of knowledge and skills and educational school trips which stresses the importance of experimenting and experiencing in order to develop the total personality.

Teachers are trained to create and use programs that make learning a blissful and hassle-free experience for their learners. Emphasis is on helping learners develop a growing enthusiasm towards learning, and a healthy drive to excel and achieve. For the Primary years a harmonized curriculum is followed based on the integration of various national & international educational boards.

This comprehensive curriculum has a clear framework of aims and values with major objective being "global mindedness".

The focus is entirely on "LEARNING THAT MATTERS"

The key highlights of our curriculum are :-

  • Learner centric education rather than a teacher centered approach.
  • Embracing multiple intelligences and diverse learning styles.
  • A team that promotes a constantly ‘evolving’ curriculum to remain relevant in changing times.
  • A curriculum development team that works collaboratively to ensure that the learning modules are developed in a hands on manner to accomplish the total learning goals and enhanced learning outcomes in different subject areas.
  • A team that works towards developing life skills.
  • Limited number of students in a class to ensure individual support and guidance.
  • All kinds of educational field trips and visits by guest speakers.
  • The school year begins in April and ends in March.

Sports and Arts Program (SAP) – offering balanced education : Spring Buds International is deeply committed to creating an all-round, balanced education at the school level, which includes more than the mere assimilation of knowledge. The core curriculum is enhanced by an extensive co-curricular program that extends the education of students beyond the confines of the class room. The program offers opportunities for recreation, relaxation, and a release from the academic day in a safe and comfortable environment. We nurture individual talents and help discover potential abilities of children which are nurtured and sustained.

Children are encouraged to collaborate, and become effective team players, to enhance their performance and aim for victory within the parameters of accepted rules.

Students can choose from activities like: • Contemporary Dance • Foot Ball • Skating • Table Tennis • Martial Arts • Gymnastic/ Mallakhamb

The end result is well-groomed, academically sound, culturally sensitive global citizens of the future with Indian ethos.

Co-Curricular Activities: Assembly :

The assembly is an important part of the calendar of activities of the school. The children gather in the auditorium to recite the school prayer, sing the school song and the National Anthem. The entire year, every week, each grade presents a programme according to the value of the month / theme given, either a festival that is being celebrated at that time of the year or any thought provoking idea that can be expressed either in the form of a drama, dance or music.

There’s a class assembly every day, which includes the prayer, school song, National Anthem, yoga and thought/news of the day.

Sports and Arts Programme (SAP) :

SBIS believes in an integrated development programme. Extra curricular and co- curricular activities are an integral aspect of our curriculum. These programs are offered to provide enrichment and enable students to learn new skills and to give them the opportunity to explore areas of physical, academic, social and creative interests. The activity program is compulsory for all students.

Inter House Competitions :

Primary students from four Houses participate in inter house competitions held regularly in school. The competitions include dance, Elocution, Recitation (Hindi & English), Art, Handwriting, and Singing etc. Points are allocated to the winners of the respective houses.

My Delightful Moment :

One of the unique initiatives of SBIS is to cordially inviteeach and every pupil who is gifted with one or other skill to display their innate potentials by sharing their ‘MOST DELIGHTFUL MOMENTS’. They are allowed to sing, dance, play an instrument, do mime, mono acting, storytelling, poem recitation or even share their experiences about their most delightful moments. Parents are cordially invited to witness& encourage their young budding artists in order to instill their confidence and self worth.

Guest Lectures:

In order to facilitate better understanding and holistic development of the learner’s, expert opinion is shared on various academic concepts taught in the school by the best professionals in the field. The guest lecturers are invited to the campus to address the learners and satisfy all the curiosity in the mind of the learners related to the concept making the subject more meaningful and enjoyable.

Culminating Activity:

Towards the end of Term 2 a culminating activity is held wherein all the work of the children is displayed. Parents are invited to view their children’s understanding of the unit which done through presentation, project or puzzles etc.

Field Trips:

Since SBIS believes firmly in hands on learning, the students are regularly taken on field trips throughout the year in support of the curriculum.

Project week:

In project week students make individual / group projects which provide a vent to their creativity and also develops understanding of team spirit. The projects are done during school hours.

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  • “ We are thankful to the management & School for inviting us to the Grandparents’ Tea Party. It gave us an opportunity to watch our grandchildren perform & excel.”
    Grandfather of Dhiynshi, Jr K.G
    - Grandfather
  • “ The programme was well organized. We, the grandparents enjoyed it a lot. In short we saw all the aspects of the school. Such programmes help in developing healthy bond between the grandchild & the grandparents.”
    Grandmother of Saptanshu
    - Grandmother
  • “ It was a good refreshment for me after atleast two & a half decades so I enjoyed it a lot. Things have changed from our time. I think I have made a perfect choice of school for my daughter.”
    Mother of Dhiyanshi
    - Mother
  • “ It was a wonderful session. We recollected our childhood days. It was fun to be like a child and to do their activities. The most exciting part was to receive a take away made by my child which I would always treasure.
    Mother of Ayaan Nandu
    - Mother
  • “ Very happy to attend a class of my child. Thoroughly impressed with the concept – ‘Back to School’. Made me go back to my childhood days with a difference in teaching & learning methodology.”
    Father of Saneesh
    - Father
  • “I got a platform to expose my hidden potential at the Science Fest. It enhanced my knowledge and boosted my confidence levels and also helped me develop a scientific outlook. I am thankful to my teachers and parents for all the guidance given.”
    Manas Jadhav
    - Student
  • “I felt good when parents visited our project and enjoyed explaining the contribution of the scientist to them. Although I didn’t win, I was happy to be a part of the science fest.”
    Trisha Shintre
    - Student
  • “I came to know about what food is nutritious and what is harmful to my health. It was nice to see parents appreciating the way in which my dish was decorated.”
    Shlok Patil
    - Student
  • “I had made a pen stand but I liked the house made by my friend. I saw a variety of beautiful articles which could be made from things we normally throw away.”
    Tanul Chhajer
    - Student
  • “I got a lovely opportunity to expose my talent in singing. At the beginning I was a little nervous but soon I felt comfortable singing in front of my friends and the parents and they also came to know of my talent.”
    Gargee Bhoir
    - Student
  • “My Delightful Moment was a wonderful experience. I narrated a story about the Sun and the Wind. Now I feel more confident speaking before people. “
    Vihaan Shah
    - Student
  • “It was really nice to dance in front of my friends for ‘My Delightful Moment’. I was very happy when they clapped and cheered for me.”
    Manasi Shedge
    - Student
  • “Some of my friends narrated stories and some recited poems. It was fun to listen to them. I also enjoyed the dance and songs sung by my classmates.”
    Aahana Palnitkar
    - Student
  • “We are highly impressed by the programme. The Principal & teachers have taken a lot of efforts & encouraged the students to develop their skills & personality. Congratulations to All!
    Parents of Vihaan Shah, Grade III
    - Parent
  • “ The ceremony was very well organized & executed by the Management, staff & students. We as parents felt proud to see our children being honoured with portfolios & badges. I feel honoured to be associated with the school & looking forward to see more wonderful activities in the upcoming years.”
    Gargee Bhoir’s Mother, Grade IV
    - Mother
  • “Excellent Work!! Hats off to one & all. Principal, Teachers & students. Hope to witness much more hip – hop in the school both in the curricular as well as academics.”
    Trisha Shintre’s Mother, Grade III
    - Mother
  • “It was a great experience to be present on the Investiture Ceremony of the Spring Buds International School to see the live performance of my child. Felt a mother’s pride to see my child shoulder the responsibility of the school council.”
    Harshal Kori’s Mother, Grade III
    - Mother
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